Strategic Planning & Change Management

Action Planning

Rankin Climate is built on the belief that data is only powerful when it informs action. As part of our work with clients, we look to the data to help facilitate and inform the development of action plans that contribute to meaningful change in the institutional climate. 

As part of all engagements, Rankin Climate provides a planning session to help the community begin the process of moving forward with meaningful growth and change.

Change Management Strategy & Planning

Beyond supporting immediate plans following a climate assessment, Rankin Climate also provides ongoing partnerships to clients on strategy, implementation, and accountability. More than just counsel, Rankin Climate works closely with clients to identify and deploy strategies that are authentic, relevant and measurable. This approach helps organizations share their progress; document their efforts; learn from missed opportunities; and shape an ethos-based organizational culture.

“Rankin Climate provided outstanding services during the University of Mississippi’s climate study, conducted in 2019-2020. The Climate Study Working Group, in collaboration with Rankin Climate, undertook the monumental task of developing, implementing, and interpreting a comprehensive survey to assess the climate at our university. Throughout this process, Rankin Climate demonstrated exceptional professionalism and expertise, guiding us every step of the way. From the initial planning stages to the presentation of survey results, they played a crucial role in ensuring the success of our climate study. Their team exhibited a deep understanding of the nuances involved in such assessments and provided valuable insights that greatly enriched the overall quality of our study. Their guidance was instrumental in obtaining meaningful and actionable data, allowing us to gain valuable insights into the various facets of our university’s climate. The collaborative spirit and open communication fostered by Rankin Climate made the entire process a positive and enriching experience for our campus community. Their professionalism, coupled with their in-depth knowledge of climate assessment methodologies, undoubtedly contributed to the success of our project. I highly recommend Rankin Climate to any institution seeking top-notch climate study services.”

Shawnboda Mead, Ed.D. | Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Community Engagement | The University of Mississippi