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Understand your institutional learning & working environment to lead with confidence.

To effectively examine and transform your learning & working environment, it is essential to partner with experts who understand the full scope of the influence organizational climate has on the success of your community

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Rankin Climate’s experts will collaborate with you to conduct a comprehensive climate study that supplements your institutional or organizational efforts.

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Assessment & Data Analysis
Rely on our library of over 20 years of publications and cutting-edge research.
Actionable Data
Visually communicate compelling findings to facilitate transformational change. 
Strategic Planning & Change Management
We provide plans to help institutions or organizations build values-based communities of purpose.
Education & Training
Engaging training that won’t be seen as rote exercise.

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Academic Citations
Shawnboda Mead, Ed.D.

Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Community Engagement I The University of Mississippi

John F. Murphy

Associate Instructional Professor of Law | Texas A&M School of Law

Sarah Fischer

Global Outreach Associate I Schwarzman Scholars

Seth Allen

Vice President for Strategy & Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid (he/him/his) I Pomona College

Rebecca Herman

Director, Student Leadership/Workday Student Change Manager I Aims Community College


Trusted by over 230 Institutions, Organizations, and University Systems