Our Process

Rankin Climate tailors its approach to assessment from the first interaction with your organization. Gaining meaningful insights into how people experience and engage with your organizational climate requires data-driven assessment tools, experienced and empathetic project teams and methods informed by the latest academic research.

Our consultative process is highly collaborative. An experienced team of Rankin Climate academic researchers and project managers keep in close contact with a panel of key stakeholders at your organization. Together, we identify the best approach for acquiring data — from existing institutional data to new focus groups, surveys, and other approaches rooted in the research literature — to understand your climate. Blending seamlessly with your organizational culture, we work as a team to develop timelines, deliverables, and a road map for accomplishing your goals.

We believe in transparent, regular communication with our key stakeholder group and continuous progress updates to keep the assessment process on track as we develop customized solutions for examining your organizational culture and developing a path forward, from strategic planning to institutional transformation and change management.